Aquatic Therapy, What is it?

Aquatic Therapy (pool exercise) is a great way to get exercise with less stress on your spine and joints.  Pool therapy is utilized by therapists frequently for rehab of spine (especially low back and mid back) injuries or surgeries.  Pool therapy is also very beneficial with hip and knee problems as the buoyancy of the water takes stress off the joints and allows you to do the exercises with less pain and the ability to do more activities than on land.   People that have had total knee or hip surgeries benefit from pool exercises as we can work on certain weight bearing exercises in water before they can be done on land.

The pool is also a great place to exercise the upper body and shoulders.  The resistance of the water gives your muscles a good workout with the support of the water.

Another great benefit from pool therapy is cardiovascular exercise, which is exercise that raises your heart rate.   If you are having trouble walking or exercising on machines due to pain, the pool would be a good option.  The pool is a nice cross training option to give your joints a rest from the treadmill or elliptical as well.

Pool exercises are a great alternative for athletes that have been sidelined by an injury and are having trouble weight bearing and doing exercises on land.  Cross training in the pool can be used to maintain cardiovascular fitness while recovering from an injury so conditioning can be continued as the injury heals.

Pool exercises are a great option for anyone that is unable to exercise on land.  It may be a good option for you.

– Shari

Aquatic Therapy



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