(Kinesio) How To Tape a Knee

Kinesiotape is a tool that many healthcare providers (physical therapists, athletic trainers, personal trainers) might turn to in supplementing an individuals’ rehab program. In the video above, you watched me tape a knee for patellar instability. I believe a thorough evaluation is the most critical step in the rehab process for a patient before deciding to simply turn to a tape job as a “magic cure”.

There are many factors that contribute to patellar (knee cap) pain. These might include hip weakness, ankle instability, foot mechanic dysfunction (flat or high arch), and footwear decisions. A great physical therapist will assess many or all of these options in deciding which intervention is most appropriate to address your knee problem.

I personally use Kinesiotape quite often in my rehab programs, and have taken all levels of continuing education offered by the Kinesio Taping Association. I consider myself well versed in the application of Kinesiotape, and would be interested in talking with you to investigate how Kinesiotape might be a supplement to your life. Make sure you continue to check back on the weekly videos that Alli Mahmood and I put together as we identify taping techniques for the entire body! Thanks for your time!

Feel free to send me an email with your questions or comments. I invite you to make some requests for what types of tutorials you’d like to see me do in the future jsampson@osipt.com.

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