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5 Tips To Spot An Athletic Trainer On A Field

Can you spot the THREE athletic trainers in the picture above?

Are you an injured athlete?  Are you a parent of an injured athlete? Do you need a band aid, AED, chapstik, gauze, contact solution, CPR mask, tape, nose plug, or a scissor? Do you have a random human body question to ask?  Well if you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you are looking for an Athletic Trainer.  My name is Kaitlen Gullicksrud. I’m an Athletic Trainer at OSI Physical Therapy and I want to share a few easy things to look for to help you find one from afar.

  1. Khaki Pants – Comfortable yet professional.
  2. A Fanny Pack – Either around the waist or worn like a satchel, you will never see an athletic trainer without one.  Although if asked, they may refer to it as a “hip pack or bag
  3. The Towel– It is usually attached to them at some part.  Whether hanging from the fanny or from their khakis, it is an essential tool.
  4. Polo Shirts – From the time they enter AT school and all throughout their careers, they are given polo shirts to wear.  Usually of school/team colors.
  5. Permanent Tan lines – from 2-a-day practices every hot August summer. They. Never. Go. Away.

Feel free to email me out with any questions or comments. I’d love to hear from you.

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– Kaitlen

Athletic Trainer
Kaitlen Gullicksrud is an Athletic Trainer for OSI Physical Therapy

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