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Meet Athletic Trainer Elizabeth Gerdin

Now and then we like to highlight the amazing people we have working here at OSI Physical Therapy. There are a lot people who work very hard to get all our patients back on their feet and healthy again living normal lives. Today we’d like to feature one of our athletic trainers, Elizabeth Gerdin (see on the left in the image above).

Hi all! My name is Elizabeth Gerdin and I am a certified athletic trainer at OSI. I have no tips for rehab or new research for today, but instead I wanted to share my journey with OSI and why I chose OSI as a patient and as an employee.

My journey with OSI began as a 10th grader with a back injury. I was a national level synchronized swimmer and had been pushing my body to its limit with nationals and US Opens coming up. With the help of the physical therapists at OSI they were able to help me push through the competitions without making my injury worse and took me through the healing process once my major competitions were over. My positive experiences at OSI in high school are what sparked the interest in me to major in athletic training and rehabilitative sciences in college.

Elizabeth Gerdin - Athletic Trainer at OSI Physical Therapy 2
Liz is seen on the right in this picture

I went to college and continued to compete at an elite level while at the same time pursuing my interest in rehabilitation. I feel like continuing swimming while studying my career in college gave me a unique experience that allows me to relate to the athletes I work with now. Once I graduated I was so excited to have the opportunity to apply to work at OSI. I was lucky enough that there was an opening and to get hired! When my friends from high school asked me what I was doing I was able to proudly reply that I work for OSI. All of them responded with “That is so cool”,and “How awesome to be able to work for OSI I love them!?” and “I had such a great experience there as an athlete, what a great job”. I couldn’t agree with them more. I am excited that my journey with OSI has led to being able to work with the company and the people that first made me fall in love with this line of work.

I would love to hear about your experiences at OSI and why you chose them. Feel free to reply here on the blog or share on our Facebook page or Twitter account (@OSItherapy) and tag me in your response @liz_atc!

– Liz

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