Headache Causes: 5 Tips To Get Through Them

1) The Source

Determine the source(s) of your headache (HA). Most HA’s are tension based, meaning they stem from muscle tension. Even some migraines have a preceding tension component.

2) Log

If you have frequent headaches keeping a log of when they occur, where the pain is located and the type of pain or intensity can help determine your HA triggers.

3) Source

Treating the source of the HA will provide long-term symptom management and put you in control of your symptoms.

4) Medication

Over the counter medications like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen can help reduce pain and symptoms, but will not address the source of your headaches. Some evidence indicates that over use of these medications can cause rebound HA’s and other side effects.

5) Physical Therapy

An experienced Physical Therapist may offer you the best long term solution in identifying the type of headaches you are experiencing and offer a treatment approach directed at the source. With evidence based treatment and self- management education, you could be on your way to being HA free. Don’t let pain control your life, control your pain and live your life.

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Headache causes

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