The Benefits of Coffee: Caffeine For Health

The Benefits of Coffee: Caffeine For Health

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The Benefits of Coffee: Caffeine For Health

Do you ever wonder what your Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist is talking about when you’re not there?  Well, let me give you a hint, I hear the word coffee about 20 times per day.  I have noticed at almost all OSI locations, people are very particular about their coffee, and when, how and where they like to drink it. The funny thing about people who drink coffee is they usually all have self-imposed rules about it. Rules I have heard throughout OSI clinics. 1) Only 1 cup per day, 2) Only on Tuesdays, 3) Only from Caribou, 4) Must have sugar and cream, 5) Must be black,  6) Must be decaf, 7) Only after I have had 4 glasses of water, 8) Only if I’m irregular…(TMI).  

I did a little research and here are some benefits of coffee consumption.

1)  Coffee gives you energy (obviously).


2)  Improves various aspects of brain function, like memory and mood.  (see #6 above)


3)  Coffee can help burn fat by boosting metabolic rate.

    • Coffee has Caffeine which increases heart rate, which increases metabolic rate, which equals more fat burned J
    • Coffee is overall a positive thing for your mind and social well-being. This is especially true when you drink it with friends. (personal experience, not a scientific fact I found anywhere, but you try it and I bet you like it!)
    • There are many essential nutrients to coffee -
      1. Folate
      2. Choline
      3. Manganese
      4. Potassium
      5. Magnesium
      6. Niacin

Coffee - The Benefits of Coffee

4)  There is a bunch of research on this right now.  Assignment: Google caffeine and Alzheimer’s, it a pretty big research area right now and you will find a ton of information on it.


5)  Helps you live longer  –

    • Esther Lopez-Garcia, Rob M. van Dam, Tricia Y. Li, Fernando Rodriguez-Artalejo, Frank B. Hu; The Relationship of Coffee Consumption with Mortality. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2008 Jun;148(12):904-914.
I did not find anything bad about coffee and its caffeine content either in my research.  Mostly, because I didn’t look for anything bad on it and I also refuse to believe anything could be bad about coffee ;) Enjoy your day! OSI physical therapy eNewsletter - Kaitlen
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