Believing You’re Worthy Of The Journey

Believing You’re Worthy Of The Journey

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Believing You’re Worthy Of The Journey

It’s that time of year again when many people make resolutions to become more physically, financially, spiritually, academically fit. In the fitness industry, gyms usually see a big influx of individuals in January which usually begins to taper off by the time March rolls around every year.

In fact, some “regular” gym attendees will avoid the gym during January and February stating that it is just too busy for them. It’s the gym’s version of what a lot of churches experience on Christmas and Easter. We here at the Training Room in Somerset have NOT seen this influx! At first glance a statement like this may make you respond with sadness, but wait…there is good news! Despite the lack of extreme influx, we have also not seen a decline in memberships throughout the year.

The members that walk through the doors here, stay here because they subscribe to our number one belief “Fitness for Life!” Our motto is not “Fitness for A While” or “Fitness Until it Gets Boring” or “Fitness Until my Jeans Fit Better” for a reason. We are here to perpetuate our belief that fitness is a lifestyle. It will work no other way. I recently learned a lesson that really stuck with me about habits. The lecture I listened to pertained to the development of bad habits but I believe that it equally represents what can happen with good habits. It went something like this…

We all have unique thoughts about something we want to accomplish or tackle, let’s call these thoughts goals. The unique thoughts about our goals proceed to action in the direction of the goal. If we continue to act in a consistent manner towards the goal, the actions become habit. The habits are then transformed into a lifestyle and finally a destiny. Isn’t that beautiful? We have power over our destiny by adopting healthy goals and consistent action that support the fulfillment of these goals. This is our belief. A piece of exercise equipment or a gym membership is a great first step but alone it can do you no good.

You have to believe that you are worth the journey of creating a good habit by getting on that piece of gym equipment or going to the gym. We here at the Training Room could not be happier to work alongside individuals who are trying to make this belief a part of their life. If you are stuck and feel like the proverbial hamster in a wheel when it comes to your fitness goals, evaluate your beliefs. Every single one of us is worth the time it takes to reach our goals, especially when it comes to our health.

Don’t let another minute go by in disbelief of that thought!

– Jen

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