How to Avoid Annoying & Inconvenient Muscle Cramping

How to Avoid Annoying & Inconvenient Muscle Cramping

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When muscle cramping strikes, it feels like there are few things quite as annoying as them. They flare up at inconvenient times, completely interrupting whatever we’re doing and sending us writhing in pain. Thankfully, these typically last for a brief period, but some cramping can be so severe and painful that the after-effects linger for a longer period of time.

In addition, while most people get them relatively infrequently, some of you might notice that you get them on what seems like a regular basis. This can make doing any sort of exercise impossible, and even daily tasks and chores can become miserable. So we’ve put together must-know ways to help prevent muscle cramping, so you don’t have to cut down on your workouts and routine.

Stay Hydrated!

This is number one. Increased cramping is most often a sign that your body is running low on fluids and going into a state of dehydration. Obviously, the solution to this would be remaining hydrated and drinking plenty of water, but this isn’t exclusive to working out. It is important to stay properly hydrated throughout the day, as muscle cramps can strike at any point and some individuals are only concerned with drinking water when they are already in the process of working out.

Focus on Muscle Strength

Regular exercise and body therapy is another common method of holding off cramps. Muscle cramps can occur out of weakness in the muscles, so strengthening them will cause them to lock up significantly less. In addition, muscle training not only builds new muscle, but also rejuvenates what the body had before.

Stay Limber

Keeping loose and limber is also key in avoiding tending up and feeling the pain of cramps. Even in the moment that a cramp is happening, stretching out that area of the body often helps alleviate the pain and symptoms quicker. Much like exercise, regular stretching will make sure to keep the pesky problem away.

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