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Ladies, Don’t Ignore Your Next Backache!

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Hi, this is Vicki! I am an active woman in her, well let’s say over 55, but not 60. I work with weights and love the elliptical and I might as well mention that I exercise on a regular basis and have for many years. I am writing this to reach out to other women […]

We Treat You Head To Toe – Walk-Ins Welcome At Our High Pointe Clinic In Woodbury

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Have some aches and pains… why wait!   Often getting into a doctor can take sometime , but we  here at OSI Physical Therapy – High Pointe  we can get you in quick! Starting with your first contact at the front desk we all work together, our PT’S and PTA’S all work to accommodate to  your schedule. We treat a variety of conditions….from knee pain to vertigo to tennis elbow. We are all here for you to get you back […]