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Let’s See Your Pumpkin Carving Skills

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“We are always the same age inside. ” ― Gertrude Stein The other day my kids asked my wife and I to get some pumpkins to carve for Halloween. In years past we didn’t do this because we always drove out of the city on Halloween to visit my sister and her kids to bring our kids […]

Twin Cities Live Come To OSI For Headache Relief

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Twin Cities Live Come To OSI For Headache Relief A few days ago Steve Patterson and Kelli Hanson from Twin Cities Live came to OSI Stillwater location to shoot a segment about headaches. Steve, the anchor of the show had mentioned he routinely gets headaches and uses medication to treat them. In this segment they […]

When Technology Goes Awry

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When Technology Goes Awry “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.” ― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt   Here at OSI we have a great need for good technology. Our PT’s, the front desk, our call center, marketing, you name it. It’s become an important part of our […]

TV Stars Are Born Every Minute At OSI

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We recently gathered some of our amazing physical therapists and athletic trainers to shoot our new OSI tv commercial. We’ve got a fantastic rep from KSTP was kind enough to bring her production crew (Todd and Brian) to come out to our Stillwater location to shoot a new commercial for OSI. We not exactly well seasoned […]

Augustana College Presents OSI Owner With An Award

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(image above via Augustana College Presents OSI Owner With An Award Recently, Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD announced they’d be inducting 5 athletes into the Augustana College Athletic Hall of Fame. They also mentioned several other individuals who would be receiving various awards from the college, including Jim Hoyme, one of OSI Physical […]

What Are Your Traditions For The 4th Of July?

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What Are Your Traditions For The 4th Of July? The 4th of July has always been an important holiday for me. In addition to its historical significance, it has also been one of the only days of the year that my entire family gets together. Unfortunately, that will be no more. For several decades my family […]

App of the Week – Knee Decide

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App of the Week – Knee Decide For me, the process of describing the posterior horn of the medial meniscus to someone not in physical medicine is like my high school math teacher trying to describe to me why using letters in math is a good idea. My future as a mathematician is bleak, but […]

Pea Soup Days 5k 2014 – Photo Gallery And Event Recap

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Pea Soup Days 5k 2014 – Photo Gallery And Event Recap On Thursday June 5th people from all around showed up to the Pea Soup Days 5k race at the OSI Physical Therapy / Training Room clinic in Somerset, WI. Some were participating and others were there to cheer on their friends or family. This is truly an awesome […]

Firewood And Falling Trees

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It’s a good thing I have a day off… Anyone have a free day and a free chain saw? 🙂 – Jon

Should I Buy An iPad?

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Should I Buy An iPad? I was asked this question on three separate occasions this week. I have quite a bit of knowledge and experience in this area, and thought I might put something together that will help you make a decision like this. Typically, this discussion starts out with a statement like this. “Well, […]

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