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Twin Cities Live Concussion Segment at OSI Physical Therapy

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On Monday June 29th, OSI Physical Therapy was featured in a segment on Twin Cities Live on KSTP. The story highlighted a local athlete who came to our Stillwater clinic for concussion rehabilitation. Take a few minutes to watch this fantastic video. If you or someone you know is suffering from a concussion CLICK HERE to see how […]

KSTP’s Twin Cities Live Returns To OSI: A Local Concussion Story

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KSTP’s Twin Cities Live Returns To OSI: A Local Concussion Story Today the crew from KSTP Twin Cities Live returned to the OSI Stillwater clinic to do a story on a local athlete whose story didn’t end exactly as expected. The story covered a local athlete who suffered a concussion and how working with an […]

3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015

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 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair 2015 Last week we attended the annual 3M Healthy Living Fitness Fair. We’ve been attending this event for several years and OSI has always considered this a great experience. Along with several other companies offering health related services at this event, we set up our tables to help educate the […]

The New OSI T-Shirts Arrive, Along With St Paddy’s Days Spirit

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Pictured above: Mandy (friendly voice making appt’s), Ken (makes sure we don’t go broke), Jody (runs the show)   Ok, ok not they’re not all here yet, but we got our first glimpse of the new OSI t-shirt. Some of you might know that OSI offers all our patients an OSI t-shirt after completing PT. The shirts […]

Testimonial: Julie Schroeder From Cheers Pablo Painting

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On Wednesday, January 28th we had a great encounter with a former OSI patient. We had scheduled a team building day at Cheers Pablo Painting in Woodbury, and to our surprise the instructor quickly recognized Mike Brown, one of our team members and clinic manager at our High Point clinic. Mike Brown and Jody Kramer had […]

OSI All Staff Holiday Meeting

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OSI All Staff Holiday Meeting One of my favorite times of year is when we get to gather together as a group for the OSI All Staff Holiday meeting. It’s a great opportunity for all the employees to spend some quality (informal) time together catching up and yes, even talking a little shop, which is […]

The Holidays Are A Great Time For Potlucks & Games

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The holidays are a great time to let off a little steam, have a few laughs, and get to know your colleagues just a little better in a less stressful environment for a short period of time. At OSI this is no different. Each of the clinics is having their own Xmas party’s, as does our […]

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