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Managing Stress: My Body Does What When Stressed?

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Managing Stress: My Body Does What When Stressed? Ok- so we can’t always control the stress in our lives but we can try control what our body does in reaction to stress.  Stress doesn’t always have to be a bad thing either.  We can have excitement stress like when we are getting ready for a […]

Note To Self….Just Breathe

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Note To Self….Just Breathe Often times when patients come to me with neck pain, headaches or jaw pain the first thing we talk about and learn how to do is the simple thing we learned as a baby as we were born: BREATHE.  Somehow along the way many of us forget how to do this […]

OCC Health of OSI Assisting Return to Work Challenges After Job Injuries

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 Job Injuries And The Road Back There are a wide variety of job injuries and it always amazes me the different types of jobs there are out there that people have to do each day.  As an Occupational Health Therapist,  I am learning each day what physical demands are placed on the body daily.  From […]

Forest Lake Business of the Year Award Goes To…

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Business of the Year Award About a month ago I received an email from the Chamber of Commerce of Forest Lake.  It was an invitation to vote online via a survey that went out to over 200 members.  When I opened the email I was shocked to see our Forest Lake Team at OSI was […]

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