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Make Physical Therapy a Part of Your Annual Exam

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It has been the recommendation of the American Medical Association that we visit our primary care provider at least annually for a review of our health, medications, and immunizations. We follow these guidelines to stay healthy and hopefully catch preventable diseases and pathology and or treat them at an early stage and learn how to […]

Patient Centered Musculoskeletal Health

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Patient Centered Musculoskeletal Health As a Physical Therapist and health care provider for over 26 years I have seen many changes in health care. The current push has been to increase access, improve quality, and reduce cost. How does Physical Therapy fit into this equation? PT’s have for many years been on the back end […]

Why Are My Joint Problems On One Side Of My Body?

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Why Are My Joint Problems On One Side Of My Body? As a Physical Therapist I am often asked the question, why are my problems on one side of my body? My personal response includes information on our bodies Anatomy (our body parts), Physiology (how we work) and Kinesiology (how we move). Physical Therapists are […]

Headache Causes: 5 Tips To Recovery

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Headache Causes: 5 Tips To Get Through Them 1) The Source Determine the source(s) of your headache (HA). Most HA’s are tension based, meaning they stem from muscle tension. Even some migraines have a preceding tension component. 2) Log If you have frequent headaches keeping a log of when they occur, where the pain is located […]