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Remember This? Everything You Need to Know…..

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Everything You Need to Know….. I was reminded of the true meaning of cooperation, support and teamwork the other day when I attended my Granddaughter’s end of year concert.  It was a packed gymnasium with Parents and Grandparents beaming with pride and waving to their Kindergartners on stage. They sang several songs and then it was […]

Tick Repellent For Family, Pets, And More

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Tick Repellent For Family, Pets, And More CABIN TIME!  TICK TIME! It’s summertime and the word’s already out that it may be a very bad tick season! Don’t let the fear of them keep you from enjoying your time outdoors. Just make sure that you take precautions, check yourselves, your children and pets nightly. There’s hundreds […]

Reality Check: Walking Toward A Healthier You

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Reality Check: Walking Toward A Healthier You Ooops! How did that happen? I’ve heard myself say that many times while looking down at the number on my scale! A long winter, birthday parties, dining out, goodies at work, inactivity in general…there are a lot of reasons it happens. Don’t be so hard on yourself! There are countless […]


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GARDENING IS GREAT EXERCISE! Many of us who live in Minnesota and Wisconsin aren’t very fond of our long cold winters. Enough already! We can’t wait to get outside to plant our gardens and beautify our yards in the spring! Gardening is fun and takes planning on several levels. We need the right tools & equipment to do […]

Joke Of The Day: Praying For Overtime

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Praying for Overtime My husband, a big-time sports fan, was watching a football game with our grandchildren. He had just turned 75 and was feeling a little wistful. “You know,” he said to our grandson, Nick, “it’s not easy getting old. I guess I’m in the fourth quarter now.” “Don’t worry, Grandpa,” Nick said cheerily. “Maybe […]

7 Most Frequently Asked Questions At OSI Physical Therapy

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7 Most Frequently Asked Questions At OSI Physical Therapy Here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that we hear at the front desk at OSI. I thought I’d share them with you if you’re considering making an appointment or are scheduled to see us. 1)  Q: I made my appointment, now what? A: […]

7 Day Squat Challenge!!!

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Seven Day Squat Challenge!!! Day 1 – 20 squats Day 2 – 30 squats Day 3 – 40 squats Day 4 – 50 squats Day 5 – 60 squats Day 6 – 70 squats Day 7 – 80 squats  As we increase reps, take a 10 second rest between every 20 squats! Good Challenge. Try the […]

Joke Of The Day: The Addicted Golf Player

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Joke Of The Day: The Addicted Golf Player I like to get out a joke now and then to keep us smiling as we go through our day. Two guys were playing golf, one of them was about to swing the golf club when he noticed a funeral procession going by on the street. The man […]

Joke Of The Day: Baseball in Heaven?

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Baseball in Heaven? Two buddies Bob and Earl were two of the biggest baseball fans in America. Their entire adult lives, Bob and Earl discussed baseball history in the winter, and they pored over every box score during the season. They went to 60 games a year. They even agreed that whoever died first would […]

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