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Why Doing Squats is Important for Your Health

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One thing I get told by a lot of my patients is “I don’t squat” or “I was told not to squat.” Well, unless you have an injury or other medical condition you do in fact squat, and you do it multiple times a day even if you don’t realize it. Whether you want to […]

9 Great Tips For Your Kids And Their Helmets

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After a 60 degree day in February we have spring fever at our house and the first thing my son wants to do is ride his bike. After digging the bike out of the back of the garage our next step is to make sure his helmet still fits. One of the leading causes of […]

Testimonial: Knee Replacement Rehabilitation at OSI Physical Therapy Shoreview, MN

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Knee Replacement Rehabilitation at OSI Physical Therapy Here’s a great video testimonial featuring patient Jim Murray at our Shoreview clinic working through knee rehabilitation after having total knee replacement surgery. Jim is a 53 year old an amateur skier and an overall incredible athlete. It’s been such a pleasure treating and working with Jim to […]

How To Tell If You Have Shin Splints

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How To Tell If You Have Shin Splints Shin splints are a general term for pain in the front of your shins, also known as medial tibial stress syndrome or anterior tibial stress syndrome. If your shins are achy, sore, and tender with activity, then you might have shin splints. Shin splints often start after […]

7 Health Benefits Of Yoga

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7 Health Benefits Of Yoga Is yoga right for you? The simple answer is YES!  Yoga comes in all shapes, styles, sizes, forms, skill levels, and there are modification for most things that can allow you to participate at the right level for you.  Yoga is supposed to be a personal challenge within yourself and […]

Can You Pass #TheConcussionChallenge?

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Can You Pass #TheConcussionChallenge? With fall sports starting up it is a great time for a little reminder about concussions. Click the link below to take the concussion challenge. What is the concussion challenge? It’s all about information. Watch this fantastic, very informative, and easy to understand video and  pass the information along. – […]

To Ice Or NOT To Ice? That Is The Question!

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To Ice Or NOT To Ice? That Is The Question! I was introduced to a new concept… NO ice for injuries (new and old) or post surgery! Wait, did I just hear this correct? This is a completely foreign concept to me as both an Athletic Trainer and a Physical Therapist.  I have always told […]

What Are Five Simple Spine Facts For The Everyday Person?

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Five Simple Spine Facts It am continually amazed at how big dinosaurs were.  How their bones carried their huge weight.  This is a picture of my 2 year old son (he is 37 inches tall) next to a piece of mid-back/thoracic vertebra from an Argentinosaurus (one of those longed neck plant eaters). They believe this […]

What Does The AT Say?

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To conclude NATM… Athletic Trainers are a vital piece of the sports medicine team.  They are the first line of defense for injuries at the schools, help rehab athletes in a variety of settings, and are a wealth of health care knowledge from “Athletes foot to Zinc” and everything in between.  Athletic Trainers play a […]

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