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7 Simple Tips On Being A Great House Guest 101

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Being A Great House Guest 101 With summer right around the corner, so are some summer vacations.  If you plan on staying with friends or family when you are on vacation, they were nice enough to let you stay at their house, make sure you are a good house guest. Here are 7 must know […]

Culinary Medicine Program At Tulane University

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Culinary Medicine Program At Tulane University A  new wave of culinary medicine is starting and it’s beginning at Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans.  This seems like a no brainer due to New Orleans great food and culture!  We all know that what we eat effects the way we feel and our health; […]

Great Book Recommendation: Shotgun Lovesongs

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Great Book Recommendation: Shotgun Lovesongs If you are looking for a good book to read I have to highly recommend “Shotgun Lovesongs,” by Nickolas Butler.  One, because it is by my brother-in-law who wrote it and two, it really is a fabulous book.   It has been given rave reviews by the New York Times and […]

Age 22 And Living In Assisted Living

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Age 22 And Living In Assisted Living I was 22 years old when I packed up my Kia Sephia and headed to Osakis, Minnesota.  This is where I did my grad school practicum experience for the summer.  If any of you have been to Osakis, it is a great, quiet, small town.  I needed a place […]

Athletic Training Injury Evaluation

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Athletic Training Injury Evaluation If you are anything like me; you like to know what is ahead, what’s coming next, and what the plan is.  I wrote up a little itinerary of what an evaluation of an injury looks like.  That way, when you show up to the athletic training room, or you’re sitting in […]

Where Can An Athletic Trainer Get A Job?

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Where Can An Athletic Trainer Get A Job? Are you an athletic trainer or thinking about becoming one and wondering where you can get a job? If you have an Athletic Training degree there are many places you can work.  Here are a few places you may find an athletic trainer working.   Clinic Setting […]

The Importance of Flexibility

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The Importance of Flexibility If you have ever done physical therapy your flexibility has probably been addressed.  But what is flexibility and why is it so important? Flexibility is the amount of movement in a joint.  Often times the amount of flexibility can depend on the joint itself.  As you have probably noticed some joints […]

Five Goals To Healthy Eating!

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Five Goals To Healthy Eating So January has come and gone and so has February.  If you have ditched your New Year Resolution to eat healthier already, there is no better time to get back on track than now.  I mean Summer is just right around the corner 😉 I have written out 5 tips to […]
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