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OSI Physical Therapy Receives WebPT 2017 Practice of the Year Award

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On October 1st, 2017, OSI Physical Therapy was awarded Practice of The Year in Washington D.C. by WebPT. A proud moment for our OSI family! As an independently owned and operated physical therapy practice for 37 years, OSI is proud to be recognized for being innovative, customer focused, outcomes driven, cost effective, employee engaged, and […]

Opioids and Prince…What Were His (and Your) Options?

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There are of course legitimate arguments on both sides of the discussion on whether health care reform is working or not. Just last week I listened to a news radio station discussing how U.S. health care costs are rising faster than the consumer price index and the middle class is yet again getting squeezed with […]

Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist

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Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist Have you ever wondered what all those acronyms mean behind your therapist’s name? Well for as much schooling as therapists receive, they still continue to learn and develop through their years of practice. Being a physical or occupational therapist is a life long learning career. There are new advances in medicine, technology […]

OSI’s Steph Fall Wins Gatorade National Secondary School Athletic Trainer Award

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Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Training Award We are proud to announce Steph Fall, ATC for OSI Physical Therapy, was nominated and awarded the Gatorade Secondary School Athletic Training Award. We are very proud of Steph for her accomplishment; this is a great honor of recognition for her dedication and hard work! For those who know […]

A Holiday Wish

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A Holiday Wish For most of us during this holiday season we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by loved ones and friends. We are also fortunate enough to have jobs to help us afford food on the table, clothes on our back, and a roof over our head. If we are lucky we also […]

October is Physical Therapy Month!

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(Image via APTA) October is Physical Therapy Month! Did you know October is National Physical Therapy (PT) Month? OSI is proud of our Physical Therapists and we greatly appreciate the services provided for our communities that we have served for over 35 years. In fact, our PTs are ranked in the top 7% in the […]

Patient Experience Initiatives: Part III

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Patient Experience Initiatives: Part III In my last two blogs related to the patient experience in healthcare, I spoke more globally about some challenges healthcare providers face in ensuring we are improving the patient experience in healthcare. I would like to now focus a little more close to home about how OSI Physical Therapy works […]

Patient Experience Initiatives In Healthcare: Part II

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Patient Experience Initiatives In Healthcare: Part II  The other day I met up with some friends I haven’t seen in quite awhile. As always when we meet there is good food and discussions around our families, work, and an attempt to solve the world’s problems. In our discussion I casually asked one of my friends […]

Patient Experience Initiatives In Healthcare: Part I

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Patient Experience Initiatives In Healthcare: Part I I believe most if not all healthcare providers go into the healthcare industry because they truly care about helping people. Knowing this, I often wonder then why is it so hard for our industry of highly skilled and caring professionals that want to make a difference struggle so […]

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