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I am a staff Physical Therapist Assistant at OSI Physical Therapy – High Pointe Clinic. I have over 20 years of experience as a PTA and have worked most of those with OSI Physical Therapy. I graduated in 1993 from St. Catherine University. I have been blessed with amazing patients and co-workers who teach me and help me to grow daily. I can honestly say that I still love what I do and where I work!! I have a son and a step son. My husband and I enjoy Friday night date nights at the gym, walking our Lab, fishing and hiking. I also enjoy Yoga, the occasional 5k run, reading and cooking.

An Easy Way to Increase Exercise and Eat Healthier

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Why drive to the local farmers market and fight the crowds? Increasing exercise and healthier eating can be as easy as walking out to your own backyard! If you’re willing to make a small investment and put in a little work you can have a mini farmers market in your own backyard. If you think you need […]

The Dynamic Duo: Physical Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant

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When you go to the doctor or dentist, you have a team of professionals who serve you. Your physical therapy experience is no different.  A team approach of a Physical Therapist (PT) and a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is always better and here’s why:  Both the PT and PTA must successfully complete their accredited programs and both […]

Physical Therapy Post-Cancer Treatment

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Cancer and the treatments patients receive can cause many physical problems. Did you know physical therapists can help people manage post-cancer health issues, improve health and function, and help with return to work and other activities? Some side effects from Cancer treatments include: Fatigue Numbness in feet and hands Muscle weakness Joint stiffness Loss of endurance Loss of strength Loss […]

5 Physical Therapy Myths BUSTED!

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5 Physical Therapy Myths BUSTED! First off lets define Physical Therapy .  Merriam-Webster states Physical Therapy is: : therapy for the preservation, enhancement, or restoration of movement and physical function impaired or threatened by disability, injury, or disease that utilizes therapeutic exercise, physical modalities (as massage and electrotherapy), assistive devices, and patient education and training […]

A Nice ‘Thank You’ From A Physical Therapy Woodbury Patient

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We get quite a few people through our front doors every day at OSI Physical Therapy in Woodbury at the High Pointe clinic. Some of these people have amazing success stories. We wanted to share recent feedback from someone who inspired our whole team! This young girl’s name was Laura and here are a few words and […]

Testimonial: Dubrovnik, Croatia “Made It Up Thousands Of Steps Today”

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Joanie had a post op knee scope in February and developed a pretty significant hematoma in her thigh, causing severe pain and limiting her range of motion, strength and functional mobility (stairs, walking). Her goals (aside from the obvious) were to be able to return to Yoga, and hike, kayak and be able to enjoy […]

40 Something “Wanna Be Runner” Speaks Out

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40 Something “Wanna Be Runner” Speaks Out I am not a runner.  I have never been a runner or had the desire to become one….. It all started when a friend of mine (for the last 30+ yrs) asked for people to join her for a 5k run to raise money for food shelves, this was […]

4 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Balance

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4 Tips To Improve Your Balance I just posted a blog about what a PTA does at a physical therapy clinic, but today I wanted to offer some helpful tips when dealing with ‘balance’. Most of us think of poor balance as an issue only experienced by the elderly population and never consider our own […]

The Role Of The Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) In Your Treatment

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Role Of The Physical Therapy Assistant The Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) is a valuable member of the OSI Physical Therapy team who works collaboratively with the physical therapist in the treatment of their patients.  Under the direction of the PT the PTA provides treatment techniques to reduce pain,  promote healing, as well as providing exercise […]