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Nutrition 101- Water: Have You Had Your 8 Glasses Of Water Today?

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Nutrition: Have you had your 8 glasses of water today? 8 glasses. Growing up I was always told that I needed to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. But why? Why is water so important that I need to drink 8 glasses of it? And why is 8 the lucky number? Let’s discuss! […]

The Importance Of A Strong Core

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The Importance Of A Strong Core Why do we train our “core muscles”? Well, the answer is kind of simple. Your “core muscles”,  which are comprised of: the oblique’s, abdominals, lower back, gluteus muscles, and many other hip stabilizing muscles, are essential for everything you do in day. Any type of gross motor movement begins […]

Adult Obesity Infographic

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Adult Obesity Stemming From Overweight Adolescents Here’s another factoid to get you thinking about the importance of staying healthy and fit at a young age. The Training Room is a division of OSI Physical Therapy. You can sign up for classes for the whole family at The Training Room. – Jeremy

Meet The Team: Personal Trainer and Health Coach Jeremy Denzer

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Meet Jeremy Denzer, Personal Trainer and Health Coach Today we highlight Jeremy Denzer (located in the far right in the photo above). He’s one of The Training Room (TTR) staff members. TTR is a division of OSI Physical Therapy that focuses on both the aftercare training that follows physical therapy, but also a continued life program to keep […]

Childhood Obesity Infographic

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A Tip In Fighting Childhood Obesity Childhood obesity is a huge problem in the US. This infographic sheds some light on one of the simple changes you can make to help fight this in your home. Physical inactivity plays a major role. You can view the Training Room training schedule by clicking the link below! […]

Resolution Solution – For Any Fitness Training Resolution!

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Fitness Training Resolution   Contest The Training Room in Somerset, Wisconsin is holding its annual Resolution Solution contest again this year. Resolution Solution, in the past, has been used as a weight loss program for individuals to begin the New Year off the right way – losing weight and getting healthier. This year we have […]

Top 5 Exercise Myths and Misconceptions

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Top 5 Exercise Myths and Misconceptions As a personal trainer, I have heard countless myths and misconceptions about exercise. A majority of these come from beginners who, as Marvin Gaye would say, “heard it through the grapevine” that exercise…. Some of the myths I have had the pleasure of hearing are harmless fallacies, but some […]

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