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The Magic Of Aquatic Therapy And How It Can Help You

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At OSI Physical Therapy, our Forest Lake, Somerset and White Bear Lake clinics offer aquatic therapy.  Aquatic therapy is simply physical therapy exercise and intervention completed in an aquatic environment (pool) with the direction of a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistance.  Aquatic therapy can be utilized to assist in the healing process and rehabilitation […]

OSI Walked for a Cure

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OSI Walked for a Cure This past Saturday, February 20th, we volunteered our time to support a co-worker and her family at the JDRF One Walk. This wonderful organization raised $1.6 million for research to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.  A community of 22,000 gathered at the Mall of America to walk for 1 hour [...]

OSI Volunteers at Woodbury Feed My Starving Children Event

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OSI Volunteers at Woodbury Feed My Starving Children Event Recently several OSI staff members got together to help make a difference. On any average day that would usually mean helping people get healthy, active and back to their daily activities with physical therapy. However this time it took on a whole new meaning. We gathered together […]

Tip of the Day – Neutral Spine Sleeping

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Tip of the Day-Neutral Spine Sleeping Posture is important.  Throughout the day we should try to sit upright-pulling the shoulders slightly back, keep chin tucked back, avoid standing with excessive arching in our low back.  When it is time to catch some z’s, posture/alignment is still important.  Here are some tips to keep a neutral […]