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[Video] How To Tape For An AC Sprain

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How To Tape For An AC Sprain -AC Sprain: An AC separation (not to be confused with a GH dislocation) is a separation of the acromioclavicular. Force is applied to the Acromion causing a separation in the AC joint space. The Coniod lig, Trapezoid lig, acromioclavicular lig, or the conoid-trapezoid lig might be injured with […]

How I RTP for Concussions

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How I RTP for Concussions Earlier I did a blog on concussions. It was a broad post about all aspect of concussions, but didn’t go in depth in any one area. I thought that I would give a detailed post about how I do the return to play protocol for my athletes at Henry Sibley. […]

Athletic Training, Tricks Of The Trade

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Athletic Training, Tricks Of The Trade Some useful, some goofy, but these are what get me through the school year…HAPPY NATM!! 1) Tape Gauze wrapped in black tape for a quick way to wrap a bloody mess. I have several of these guys ready in my kit (especially for football and wrestling) so when a […]

Why I Decided To Be An Athletic Trainer

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Why I Decided To Be An Athletic Trainer In spirit of National Athletic Training Month I thought I would share why I decided to be an Athletic Trainer, and why its a great field to be in.  I developed an interest in Athletic Training when my grandpa Don Joyce would tell me stories about his […]

What Exactly Is An Athletic Trainer?

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What exactly is an Athletic Trainer? No we do not “train” athletes in the weight room to get them ready for play; although we could set up a program for athletes of all ages, for multiple purposes ranging from injury rehab, to strength training. Our title should actually be more like “Athletic Injury Health Provider“, […]

Concussion Symptoms, Facts, And Treatment To Be Aware Of

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Concussion Symptoms, Fact and Treatment: Helping coaches, parents, teachers, and patients recognize concussion symptoms is one of the many things we do at OSI Physical Therapy. Defining Concussion: A mild traumatic brain injury that results in a disturbance in brain function. They result in constellation of physical, cognitive, emotional and/or sleep-related symptoms that are variable […]

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