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Adventure Is Out There…Go Get It

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Adventure Is Out There Summer is almost here, I promise (knock on wood that we don’t get another blizzard), and with summer comes outdoor adventures! Hiking, camping, lake trips, outdoor running/biking, blading or boarding will be popular for us Minnesotans who have been cooped up all winter. I know patio eating, twins games, and soaking […]

My Health Story – What’s Yours?

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My Health Story – What’s Yours I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, and it’s not something I like to talk about much, but I have been struggling with losing the unwanted pounds. With my wedding coming up I decided that I needed to make some positive and healthy changes in my life, […]

[Video] How To Tape For Elbow Hyperextension

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[Video] How To Tape For Elbow Hyperextension –Elbow Hyperextension: Hyperextension happens when the elbow joint is bent backwards past it’s normal range of motion (ROM). When hyperextension happens the ligaments in the elbow become stretched out causing ROM to become painful. Below is a picture of the elbow and its supporting structures. The taping technique […]

Fit Girl Fuel

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Fit Girl Fuel I had the opportunity to chat with a former Henry Sibley student athlete of mine, who is now off doing great things in college. Why I wanted to chat with her is because she has a very interesting series of health tips spanning from Instagram posts, to her website. What I caught […]

Spring Sports and Track Injuries

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Spring Sports and Track Injuries Spring is trying to poke its head through the mounds of snow we still have, and spring sports are  in full swing. I always laugh to my self that 1st week after track starts, because I get about a million “sore” athletes in my room. My first response to the kids […]

Another ATC’s Point of View

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(Kassiann left and Alli right) Another ATC’s Point of View One of my favorite connections I have made from being the Henry Sibley ATC  (outside of my OSI connections) would have to be the friendship I have with the Simley ATC. In an earlier post I made, I talked about branching out and talking to other […]

Henry Sibley Student Athlete Interested in Athletic Training

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(Above: Tillie on the left and Alli, AT at OSI Physical Therapy on the right) Henry Sibley Student Athlete Interested in Athletic Training Last year around graduation time, I had a sophomore (who would be a junior after summer break) come to me expressing interest in athletic training. I had worked with her for shoulder […]
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