Athletic Training Injury Evaluation

Athletic Training Injury Evaluation

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Athletic Training Injury Evaluation

If you are anything like me; you like to know what is ahead, what’s coming next, and what the plan is.  I wrote up a little itinerary of what an evaluation of an injury looks like.  That way, when you show up to the athletic training room, or you’re sitting in your room waiting for your therapist, no need to fret, you already know what’s coming up!

There are basic components to each evaluation.  Here is a rundown of what they are and what will occur when you are having your injury evaluated.


Arguably one of the most important aspects of the evaluations, so make sure to speak up! Often times we will ask questions like; what happened, what caused the injury, is there anything that makes it better or worse, is there any related medical history information we need to know about, etc.



We look for any noticeable deformities, swelling, discoloration, gait abnormalities or functional limitations.



We touch the soft tissues (muscles and tendons) and bone structures around the area to pinpoint specific areas, surfaces, and structures.  Palpation also feels for deformity, swelling, crepitus and cutaneous sensation.


Special/Functional Tests 

We assess active (you moving), passive (clinician moving it for you) and manually resisted (clinician uses arm for additional resistance) movements to determine Range of Motion, strength, and quality of movement.  Special tests are developed for specific body parts as a means of detecting a specific condition.  An example of a special test is Hawkins-Kennedy, it is a test used to help detect subacromial impingement or rotator cuff tendonitis.



Tell you what is wrong.


Plan of care 

We will discuss a plan for helping you get back to the activities you enjoy!

If you have an injury, at OSI we are excited to see you and enjoy helping you get back to the activities you enjoy doing, give us a call we would love to evaluate your injury and get you back in the game!

– Kaitlen

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Kaitlen Gullicksrud

Kaitlen Gullicksrud

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