What My Athletes Say Is The “Key To Success”

What My Athletes Say Is The “Key To Success”

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What My Athletes Say Is The “Key To Success”


#1: Stacy

Stacy is a 2 sport athlete at Henry Sibley, and is a great fan, attending a lot of the sporting events. Stacy was the starting QB this last fall season, where the Warriors went to the state tournament for the FIRST TIME EVER in Warrior history. Stacy was a big part of the success of the Henry Sibley Cinderella story in football this year. Having a powerhouse like St Thomas Academy in your section is always a little discouraging. We would always get our butts kicked by this team, so when we had them in the section tourney, it seemed like our season would be ending there. After a CRAZY upset, and a David vs Goliath sort of deal, the Warriors not only beat St Thomas, they crushed them, making their road to state possible. Stacy is a senior this year and is going to St. Cloud.

Stacy will be someone that I will miss dearly seeing every day. He has a great personality and a “get it done” attitude. Sibley will miss him. His “key to success” advice is:


State of mind



key to success 3




#2: Kallianne

Kal focuses all of her athletic talent on soccer. She plays soccer year round, and her crazy hard work as paid off. She is going D1 this coming fall in Indiana and I know she will do great things there. She was so fun to watch on the field, being the leading goal scorer this last season. There are few people that you get to see, where you are left in awe by their skill. Her “key to success” advice is: “Have a hunger to achieve”


key to success 2

Kallianne and Alli at soccer


#3: Garret

Garret is a wrestling machine. He went to the state tourney as a sophomore and placed this year as a Junior taking 2nd!! He also plays football in the fall, and was apart of Warrior history for being on the 1st team to make it to the state tourney. Garret says his key to success: Detection, and a good diet.


key to success

Pic of Garret taking 2nd at the 2014 state tourney!


#4: Brad

Brad is a member of the track team, who also partakes in any club sports or pick up games as he can. His key to success: Enjoy what you do, believe in your self, never give up, have the will to finish strong, and don’t get injured cuz it suck!! Love what you are doing, if you don’t love it you won’t be successful in it. “Todays struggles will be tomorrows warm up.”


I’d love to hear some of your stories, questions, or comments below. Thanks for reading.

– Alli

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