Another School Year Over, Where Can You Find This ATC Over The Summer?

Another School Year Over, Where Can You Find This ATC Over The Summer?

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Another School Year Over, Where Can You Find This ATC Over The Summer?

My Summer Plans:

What does an ATC do during the summer when school sports are all done? Yes the school year is over, but NO our work is not over. OSI has picked up several soccer tourney contracts that need ATC coverage. I will be working at St Croix and Woodbury this summer, making sure the soccer athletes stay healthy. I will also be picking up more clinic hours. What do I do in the clinic? I am sort of a clinic aid. I am trained on how to do tasked at the front desk, I room patients, I help the therapists out when they are swamped, and I preform clinic tasks; such as cleaning and maintaining equipment.

Where can you find this ATC over the summer? age

(Pic of me with my WSP coworkers in the clinic)


I also always try to accomplish at least one goal to make the upcoming school year go by smoother. Last year my goal was to get together my concussion binder, making it easier to handle paperwork when a concussion happens. I have my file folder with all my evals, info sheets for parents, hospital cards, and my business cards. Accomplishing this goal has made my life so much easier this school year. I cant stress enough how great it is to be able to hand a parent a packet of info on concussions for their reading, instead of trying to go over every detail with them, that I know will need to be repeated at some point, (it’s a lot of info to take in, and I know that not everything gets remembered).

My goal this year is to come up with a better SOAP note system. I have been using a binder with paper sheets to keep track of injuries and progress. This system is an okay way to go, but I know that there is a better way that will make it easier for me to complete my notes.

So, that is my work life this summer. Pretty low key since I will not be covering a lot of sports events, or at the school. My personal summer plans are a lot more hectic.

My Wedding

I am getting married this August, yes in 2 months! CRAZY!! We are inviting 220 people to join us on our big day, and planning a wedding for 220 people isn’t as easy as it seems. There are so many details that go into a wedding. The ceremony, and all the small details is enough to keep one busy, but the reception is the crazy part. I decided to do a DIY wedding. Yes, I am doing most everything by hand. Why would someone put themselves through that you might ask? Well, I don’t really know. I consider myself a pretty crafty person, and I knew that doing all my stuff by hand would save us a TON of money in the end. I don’t want to give too much away (incase any guests are reading) but here are some of my projects and the money I saved on them.

Where can you find this ATC over the summer? age

Pinterest inspirations:

Chair Covers

Chair Covers: Ok, chair covers are CRAZY expensive. I was looking online, and it would cost us about 700 big ones to RENT, not even purchase 200 chair covers and sashes. I think that covering the ugly chairs is important. I didn’t want my wedding to look like a grad party, so I knew that I needed to come up with a solution, a cheap solution that is. I decided to look on the good ole Pinterest, and sure enough I was inspired.

These chairs covered in tulle, tied together with a beautiful pin were absolutely perfect. All I had to do was figure out a way to make a pretty pin to hold the tulle together. I got really creative and glued beads and rhinestones on a Popsicle stick, that my dad cut and drilled holes in for me. We will drape the tulles over the chairs and bind them together with these beautiful DIY pins. I think this is my favorite project yet. The grand total for all the tulle and pin material was $170, MUCH cheaper than $700.


Where can you find this ATC over the summer? [2]Another money saver was on invites. It is pretty expensive to get a pack of nice invites. I think it is very important for the invites to look nice and presentable. It is nice when you get an invite and all the loose info sheets are somehow tied together. I knew that getting a kit for the invites (that included RSVPs and guest info sheets) would be expensive. We were looking at $300 dollars when it was all said and done.

I knew that I could print out my own RSVPs and my own guest info, but I needed a way to bind them all together in a way that looked nice. I decided to purchase the actual invite online (at Vistaprint) and then the rest was up to me. I went to my local craft store and picked up some paper, and the rest was a couple hours of cutting, stamping, and taping. The end product turned out great, and I only spent about $100 dollars on the actual invite, and about $25 dollars on the paper supplies.

Where can you find this ATC over the summer? [3]


The centerpieces I knew would get expensive. You need to buy decor for about 26 tables, and I knew that I needed to DIY this part as well. I decided to go with a bottle theme. I love wine, and I figured between my friends and myself, we would go through enough bottles to save up for centerpieces. I decided to go with 3 different size bottles (beer, .75, and 1.75 size bottles) and decorate them all different.

The large clear wine bottles are cut at the base so a candle can go under them, the medium wine bottles were painted, and the beer bottles were glitter bombed. I made my own table numbers, and the centerpieces will be very beautiful. Looking online for the clear bottles with the bottom cut off along was about $30 dollars per 10. I was able to get a friend to cut the bottoms off for free, so all I had to do was save the wine bottles up (that I would be drinking anyways). My total cost for ALL the centerpieces is about $100 dollars.

Escort cards to not have to be purchased online. I bought wire, curled it, and am going to stick cards in the spiral part. Total cost about $20. So easy, and will look GREAT!!

Groupon my friends! I saved about $30 dollars on my guest book (which is a picture book for people to sign) by logging on to groupon and looking at their deals. Well worth it!!


The Clothespin

Where can you find this ATC over the summer? [4]Cocktail hour can be VERY VERY expensive. The keg price you can’t get around, but the hors d’ oeuvres you can get creative with. I knew that the hors d’ oeuvres could run very expensive, but I know that it is important to make your guests comfortable, and often times people get hungry before the meal is served. I decided to make my own little personal snack bag. We ordered small white paper bags, and are going to fill them with a homemade snack, and hold them together with this clothespin that Tony’s crafty aunt wanted to make for us. She is crazy and made 200 of these guys for the guest to take home and use as chip clips. They are so totally cute and I think will add a nice touch. The snack bag is saving us about $500 dollars.

Where can you find this ATC over the summer? [1]

I was not trying to have a cheap looking wedding, I wanted a beautiful night to share with everyone, but I knew that it was out of the budget to buy everything at store cost. I think that if you are crafty and pay attention to details that you can have a DIY wedding that is just as beautiful as a bought wedding. I do not think any of my stuff looks cheap, and I made sure that I was very careful when making my decor. Yes, it was A LOT, A LOT of work, and it would have been less stressful to just order everything and be done with it, but not only did I save us a lot of money, I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this wedding, and I feel like I will appreciate how it looks that much more.  

I am pretty much all finished with my projects for the wedding, thank goodness because I am only 2 months away. I plan on relaxing and spending time with friends for the rest of the summer.

Here are some things I have planned that I CANNOT wait for:

  •  My Bridal Shower
  • My Bachelorette Party
  • My yearly camping trip with my high school friends
  • Dragon Boating trip in Grand Marais 
  • Patio Drinking
  • Tanning 
  • Volleyball league (Wed and Sun nights) we are the “WOLF PACK”
  • Grilling
  • Wine Tasting
  • Oake on the Water (cities 97)
  • State Fair fun
  • and..MY WEDDING!!!!

Where can you find this ATC over the summer? [6]

Enjoy your summer people, its only 2 months of awesome weather we get a year!

– Alli

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