Another ATC’s Point of View

Another ATC’s Point of View

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(Kassiann left and Alli right)

Another ATC's Point of View

One of my favorite connections I have made from being the Henry Sibley ATC  (outside of my OSI connections) would have to be the friendship I have with the Simley ATC. In an earlier post I made, I talked about branching out and talking to other ATC's in your conference, and this is the reason I mentioned it. Kassiann works for the Simley Spartans, and this is her 2nd year working with them. We initially made contact when one of my athletes got injured over at Simley, and Kas reached out to me to fill me in on the injury (which a good ATC should do, I can't stress enough my frustration when I do not get word of injuries off site). After we texted a little about injuries and the sports season, we shamefully added each other on snap chat, and that's how our friendship really took flight (insert embarrassed face).

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Kas is around my age, and it is really comforting sharing ATC stories, and bouncing ideas off of her. Simley is very close to Sibley, and also in the same conference, so we see each other's kids often. It's helpful to be comfortable with the ATC's in your conference because you often need to make contact with them about injuries. OSI Physical Therapy 6Kas and I have developed a very good friendship, and I consider her one of my dearest friends. We spend a week together in Vegas for the NATA big conference, and we bonded over our similarities, and took interest in each other's unique silliness/serious views. She is going to help me celebrate my wedding day as my personal attendant, and I am very blessed to have made this connection. I know I will cherish our friendship for a long time, and she will be a life long friend. I asked her to write up some thoughts on her position at Simley. Kas has developed a relationship with OSI, and trusts them to send her student athletes to. I thought it was interesting that she doesn't have any health clinic associated with her school. I am lucky enough to have the support and resources of OSI in my back pocket, and I couldn't imagine starting out without any help. I wanted to get her story and share it with you.

Here is what Kassiann has to say:

What were the 1st couple days like for you on the job on your own? OSI Physical Therapy 4I started late at Simley, so about a week into two-a-days for football. I had seen the athletic training room once before my first day, but had not met anyone except for the athletic director. My first day I got out to the football field and just was awkwardly stared at by everyone, my athletic director introduced me to the coaches and team and then the work began. A few kids definitely used me to get out of practice, which I caught on to, and easily fixed by making them do sideline workouts. The beginning was stressful for me because there had not been any systems or protocols set in place for me to walk into, I had to figure out a system that would work best for the athletics program at Simley.   What were the struggles your 1st year and how did that change once Jon reached out to you with OSI as a support system for you to use? OSI Physical Therapy 5One of my largest struggles coming from the east coast back to Minnesota, was networking. When I had injuries that I needed to refer out, I didn't have a good answer of someone to send them to. Once Jon, and OSI came around and reached out to me, I could simply call him or Trisha and they would say; "oh so and so from wherever is the best person to refer out for that injury". Once I could tell athletes and parents that, things ran a bit more smoothly. Also the physicians usually sent the injury back to OSI for rehab, so if the athletes don't communicate their status with me, the therapists at OSI communicate their conditions with me. Along with that, the OSI therapists are able to create a treatment plan that includes me at the training room so the athlete can still be a part of their team.   Would you recommend other high school ATC's to reach out to clinics, or is it more realistic for a clinic to reach out to ATC's?  OSI Physical Therapy 3I think it is important for both. In my case it was easier for me to reach out to Alli over at Sibley, because we have each others kids, and from that it was easy for OSI to reach out to me. If I hadn't met Alli, I probably would have ended up reaching out to some of the larger sports and ortho clinics, but am very happy to be able to associate and work side by side with OSI. I think one of he most important thing for high school ATC's to do is to reach out to the other athletic trainers in their conference. No only do fabulous friendships form, but you have quicker access to them when they have your kids or you have theirs. How does it benefit you and your kids to have OSI in your back pocket? Having OSI in my back pocket is beneficial because if I am swamped with injuries in my athletic training room, I can refer some kids out. Also, if I am stuck or out of ideas for certain conditions, a simple phone call to any of the employees at the West St. Paul OSI are there to help me figure it out or throw out ideas. It is an awesome relationship we have built over the last two years, and not only my athletes, but many of their parents have benefited from their services.
  Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. Leave your questions and comments below! - Alli

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