ALS Ice Bucket Challenge At East Ridge High School

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge At East Ridge High School

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge At East Ridge High School

Summer is coming to an end. For some, that is a very sad realization. For others, it is a welcomed event. I think I can speak for most Minnesotans when I say the season of Fall in MN is pretty awesome. Fall means sweatshirt and jeans weather, pumpkin flavored anything, beautiful leaves, pumpkins, halloween, football, apple orchards, hunting, and crisp, cool refreshing air. It’s a beautiful thing. I absolutely love Fall. It has always been my favorite time of year. I love it so much that I got married in the Fall. October 4th six years ago was a perfect day. It was sunny and 60 degrees with red and yellow leaves surrounding clean blue water. It’s because of days like those that my husband and I wanted to get married in october.

What we have been up to: I am the Athletic Trainer at East Ridge High School. The athletes finished up the summer strength program at the end of July. It’s called Raptor Speed and Strength. It is run by many qualified coaches with our head strength coach leading it. It is one of the best programs for athletic performance enhancement that I have ever seen. It’s a great opportunity for our student athletes. I wish I had something like that when I was in high school. Two a days for all of the fall sports started August 11 and went until August 23rd. That is a very strenuous time for athletes, coaches and of course Athletic Trainers. We have to do long days and accommodate to many different sports teams. Luckily, usually it goes by pretty fast and we get back on our normal school schedule before we know it.

This year we had the ALS ice bucket challenge. I want to mention how great of an idea this was and how much money it has raised for a deadly disease with no cure. I personally think it is amazing. I challenged the East Ridge Football team to raise a certain amount of money by a certain time. If they raised it, they would be able to dump ice water on myself and the coaches, if they didn’t raise it, then we dump ice water on them. Unfortunately for the team, they didn’t raise enough money to avoid the water (see above). But, they did raise $150 and I still think that is very commendable and even though we had to dump water on them, I am still proud of them.

Thursday 8/28 was the first varsity football game. We played Park High School. There is just something about football that gets a community together and excited. It goes back to what I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Football means fall. Football means togetherness. A large group of people coming together to watch a sport they love. It’s one of the parts of my job that I love the most. Enjoy fall everyone! I know our beach days are quickly coming to an end but embrace the beauty of every season and I hope you can enjoy my favorite season as much as I do. Go Raptors!!!

– Hayley


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