Adventure Is Out There…Go Get It

Adventure Is Out There…Go Get It

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Adventure Is Out There

Adventure Is Out There ageSummer is almost here, I promise (knock on wood that we don’t get another blizzard), and with summer comes outdoor adventures! Hiking, camping, lake trips, outdoor running/biking, blading or boarding will be popular for us Minnesotans who have been cooped up all winter.

I know patio eating, twins games, and soaking up as much sun as I can is on my MUST DOS this summer. I also have a couple camping trips planned..well one is more of a “Glam-ping” trip since we will be staying in a cabin, but I thought I would share some camping “hacks” and test your knowledge on survival skills if disaster does happen.

I also have attached a super fun summer adventure opportunity that you should look into if you are wanting to try something new this summer!!

“Looking for a summer adventure? Try Dragon Boating with us!

Each year my mom (Carrin Mahmood: coordinates a trip up to Grand Marais to Dragon Boat. What on earth is Dragon Boating you might ask?

This trip is probably the highlight event of my summer! I look forward to it months before, and am bummed if something is on my schedule prevents me from going. This year will be my 3rd trip up and it cant come fast enough!

There are so many awesome parts of the trip, its hard to pick my favorite, but here are some MUSTS for me:

Obviously the actual race its self is something that is so cool. It’s something that I only do once a year, and it’s such a cool feeling to soar on the water like that.

Jumping into Lake Superior from “Artists Point” (by the lighthouse) is a rush, and I hope the lake isn’t too freezing this year so I can take the plunge again.

I ALWAYS need to visit Hughies tacos house and get their famous “Fish Puff Taco”, I look forward to scarfing this down all year!

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Adventure Is Out There age 

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Grand Marais in general is a special place for me. Last summer my Fianc√© purposed to me while we visited up there. We drove up to “Devils Kettle” for some hiking by the waterfalls and it was the best day of my life thus far. Hiking up on the North Shore is so wonderful, and I can’t wait to get some hikes in when we go this summer.






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Test your Survival Skills with this quiz, and get ready for summer adventures

Get some awesome camping hacks, that will make camping much easier for you

Camping Hack that are borderline genius

Don’t forget to bring your furry friend along! Here are some tips on how to camp with your dog for optimal enjoyment for both!

What to do if an injury happens when you are out on an adventure?? Take a quiz and see how much you know on what to do!

If you are planning on going out for adventures this summer, it would be wise to freshen up on your first aid skills and even prepare an emergency 1st aid kit to bring along. Refer to this past blog on first aid to freshen your memory.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

– Alli

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