A Nice ‘Thank You’ From A Physical Therapy Woodbury Patient

A Nice ‘Thank You’ From A Physical Therapy Woodbury Patient

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We get quite a few people through our front doors every day at OSI Physical Therapy in Woodbury at the High Pointe clinic. Some of these people have amazing success stories. We wanted to share recent feedback from someone who inspired our whole team! This young girl’s name was Laura and here are a few words and pictures her mother wanted to share with us and all of you.

A Nice ‘Thank You’ From A Physical Therapy Woodbury Patient

Physical therapy Woodbury OSI High PointePhysical therapy Woodbury OSI High Pointe 3OSI was our critical partner in getting our daughter physically and emotionally back hiking, skiing and on the school stage after her MCL/ACL surgery.  

Emily, Jodi and Greg not only built a strengthening and endurance plan to help our 14-year old, but coached her through the emotional ups and downs of the healing process.  The genuine, personal relationships they built with her directly inspired to her stay on track on her workouts.  She knew she had a whole team of friends supporting her!  We could not be more grateful to OSI.


It’s people like Laura that get us excited about getting up everyday and coming here to make a difference. Thank you for reading and we invite you in to OSI if you’re having any issues. Let’s get you healthy!

– Jodi

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Jodi Wolowicz

I am a staff Physical Therapist Assistant at OSI Physical Therapy – High Pointe Clinic. I have over 20 years of experience as a PTA and have worked most of those with OSI Physical Therapy. I graduated in 1993 from St. Catherine University. I have been blessed with amazing patients and co-workers who teach me and help me to grow daily. I can honestly say that I still love what I do and where I work!! I have a son and a step son. My husband and I enjoy Friday night date nights at the gym, walking our Lab, fishing and hiking. I also enjoy Yoga, the occasional 5k run, reading and cooking.

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