A Lasting Impression Of A Client……

A Lasting Impression Of A Client……

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I have been with OSI for 16 years, but my writing will be on the numerous customers that have left with memories of their own. Most of the years were spent with The Work Center/Occ Health of OSI, returning clients to their professions or job retraining. That “Wow” factor goes the other way around, you remember them, they remember you!   The Good Mornings, as you get to know, like and build relationships with the Groups (as we recall), rotate through the program for them to regain pre-injury status.

These “groups” get to know other, swap stories, soon after come friends themselves. As Lisa, builds the programs, the trust, the friendship, then comes donut Tuesday, handmade treats that bring them back years later.   I recall many stories, recommendations, advice from each and every one of them, lasting memories, in which I feel is a two way street. Given the question to any of one of us, I know without a doubt a number of clients would come to mind, with a smile.

This salutes all the wonderful people that consider OSI more than Physical therapy, return through the doors, Just to say “Hi”! Without all of you, we would not being all we do so Successfully!


Thank You!

– Brenda


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A Lasting Impression Of A Client……

Brenda Estrada

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