8/2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

8/2014: TPI’s News From ‘Around The Net’

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Hey Therapy Practice Leaders,


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Here’s TPI’s Top 5 Links of the Week:

1)  VALUE BASED INCENTIVES. Most Payers, Providers Shifting to Value Based Care.

2)  VALUE BASED INCENTIVES.  BCBS Spends $65B – Move from FFS to Value Models

3)  WAYS to INTEGRATE.  MSO – Get Bigger Without Selling (Includes comparative models)

4)  PROVIDER LEADERSHIP.  Leadership DNA: 3 Key People Every Company Must Have

5)  PROVIDER LEADERSHIP.  Healthcare Leadership Must Shift to Big Business View.      Quote from Dr. Gene Lindsey, “The people who are going to be the most rewarded are those who get the best results in managing patients and use resources most efficiently and eliminate waste. This will require a focus on customer service and population-based issues, while not forgetting the needs of the individual patient. It’s a totally different mindset and physicians with a traditional way of thinking will have a hard time making the transition ….”


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Jim Hoyme

Jim Hoyme

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