7 Tips For Staying In Shape Before The Spring Thaw

7 Tips For Staying In Shape Before The Spring Thaw

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7 Tips For Staying In Shape Before The Spring Thaw

With the deep freeze of winter in full force, the effects of negative temperatures and limited sunlight leaves people feeling sluggish and a little down. At this point, many have thrown their New Year’s goals to the wayside and have draped themselves in oversized sweaters and comfy sweatpants. We all do it, right? I’d say it’s pretty much a fact that low motivation correlates with low temperatures.

However, I’ve come up with a list of ideas to get your body moving before the weather permits us to get outside.

1) Distractions:

Who says you can’t binge on Netflix…at the gym? Got an iPad or phone? Let me tell you, I have a deep hatred for the treadmill; however, I recently downloaded the Netflix app on my phone to catch up on a few shows and my boredom has subsided. Little distractions or multitasking while exercising can be a good way to distract you if you share similar feelings about the dreaded treadmill.


2) Yoga

Yoga anyone? Another way to cure your winter blues is to change your routine up a little bit. Stop by a new facility or check out a new class. Most places offer a introductory week free or specials for new members. Bring on the hot yoga!


3) Shopping

Another reason to buy cute clothes…Retail therapy can be put to use here. Showing off your new workout top or yoga pants just might be enough to make it to the gym.


4) Goals

Weekly goals or challenges. Looking good on your spring break trip doesn’t have to be the only source of motivation. Small challenges often aid in getting through the winter months. For instance, finishing 32 oz of water each workout for a month or working up to a two minute plank might warrant a reward. Additionally, scheduling a 5K in the summer gives you a goal with a warm and sunny finish.


5) Apps

Fitness apps. Take advantage of technology during the winter months. Tracking progress on exercises or food diaries encourages commitment and adherence. If the weather is too much of a burden, free fitness apps offer fun workouts to try in the comfort of your home.


6) A Partner

Together is better. Let’s be honest, you could come up with 19398739 reasons why you can’t make it to the gym today, but if someone is counting on you to show up, you might be less inclined to cancel. Workout partners create challenge, make time go faster, and could offer an even greater stress release after a tough day. And hey, you’ve got someone to celebrate with when goals are reached!


7) Embrace It

Winter isn’t THAT bad. Throw on some warm clothes and get out there. Honestly, it can drastically change your perspective about winter. Try a new activity like cross country skiing, snowboarding, or snow-showing and warm up in the meantime. For me, I volunteer with the Courage Center teaching adaptive snowboarding for people with disabilities. Even on the coldest mornings I look forward to getting out there and end up feeling really proud afterwards. A lot of winter activities are great for the whole family too!


We’ve still got a few weeks left of winter, get out there and enjoy it! You can feel good about yourself even before spring rolls around. ​

– Libby

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