5 Tips For Returning To Training After An Injury

5 Tips For Returning To Training After An Injury

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5 Tips For Returning To Training After An Injury

Everyone will be different when returning from an injury.  Here are a few tips to follow to make sure you make a safe return and decrease your chances of being re-injured.

1) Cleared

If you were seeing a health care professional such as a PT or AT make sure you are cleared by them to start training again

Physical therapy at OSI

This is part of rehab program for an athlete

2) Modify

Modify your training until you are back to 100%.  Ex. If you were running 10 miles before the injury you don’t want to jump back in to running that distance.  Have your PT or AT write a progression back to get you back to your pre-injury level.

Returning To Training After An Injury

Working on running after injury

3) Listen

Listen to your body.  If you are doing something and it doesn’t feel right modify it, back off, or step away from that activity and come back to it when you are further along in your recovery.

Knee injury

Testing muscles to make sure they are stronger

4) Know

Know the difference between pain and soreness.  Is that discomfort coming from your muscles working or is it a sharp shooting pain?  Soreness is ok, but you don’t want to push through pain.

sports performance training OSI

Watching proper form and educating athlete

5) Continue

Continue with any rehab exercises you may have been given from your PT or AT.  This will help prevent further injury and help keep your muscles strong and active.

sports injuries

This is a part of the sports test before someone is cleared


With any return to activity, an underlying level of fitness needs to be in place prior to the high level performance. Maintain open communication with all parties involved. If you’re a student or athlete and need help with an injury feel free to shoot me an email at ssapinski@osipt.com. I’d be happy to get you connected with one of our Physical Therapists at OSI. It’s an awesome way to keep you healthy and get you back in the game!

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– Sarah

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Sarah Sapinski is the Athletic Training Manager at OSI Physical Therapy

Sarah Sapinski

Sarah Sapinski

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