We sure have lucked out on the weather this year with an early spring. Everyone is anxious to get the yards cleaned up and things planted. We need to be smart about it though to keep ourselves from getting hurt while we are doing it. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy.


Make sure you are close to the object or surface you are working on. Keep objects close and no stretching out far to reach or lift something.



Minimize twisting with your back. Shift your weight back and forth to transfer the load and move your feet.



Bend your knees. Make sure you don’t bend straight over and lift something. Always get into a squat position and use your legs to lift. This is for light or heavier objects.



Exhale when you lift. Breathing out as you lift objects helps to decrease the pressure on your spine and blood vessels.



Work at waist level surfaces when transplanting to minimize prolonged bending.



Knee on one knee or both when weeding or planting to again minimize prolonged bending forward.

I hope these tip and the videos help you to stay safe this spring season!!

– Tammy

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6 Tips for Staying Healthy During Spring Planting and Yard Clean Up!


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