5 Tips To Keep You Safe This Summer

5 Tips To Keep You Safe This Summer

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5 Tips To Keep You Safe This Summer

Summer is here and we all want to be outside.  Here are some tips to keep you safe in the sun;

  1. Wear sunscreen – this seems obvious, however even if you are in the shade you can still get sunburned, so make sure to wear your SPF 15+ (at the least) UVA/UVB ray blocking sunscreen whenever you go outside, and don’t forget to reapply every couple of hours!
  2. Wear a hat – I always used to burn the part in my hair, now I keep a hat in the car for the “I didn’t know I was going to be outside for the next 4 hours situations” which arise.  Wear a hat with a wide brim to cover the top of your head, face, neck, and ears so you don’t get burned in these sensitive areas.
  3. Find shade – the peak hours for sunlight are 10AM – 2PM (some argue even 4PM) so if you can seek shade during that time, it will help reduce your exposer to the sun’s rays when they are the strongest.
  4. Sunglasses – protect your eyes and the skin around them.  They also help reduce the risk of cataracts.  Make sure your sunglasses are UVA/UVB ray blocking sunglasses.
  5. Remember, most sun damage occurs as a result of incidental exposure during day-to-day activities, not at the beach for the day or sun tanning in your back yard, so even if you are just going outside to play in the lawn or mow, wear your sunscreen!


UVA?  UVB?  What does it mean when it says “blocks both UVA/UVB rays” on my sunscreen bottle?

UVA rays = Aging

These rays cause the wrinkling, premature skin aging and contribute to skin cancer

UVB rays = Burning

These are the rays which cause sunburns, cataracts, and affect the immune system.  They also contribute to skin cancer.

What are your plans for this summer? How do you protect yourself from the sun?

Get outside and have fun,

– Kaitlen

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Kaitlen Gullicksrud

Kaitlen Gullicksrud

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