5 Tips For Keeping Up Your Fitness Routine On Vacation

5 Tips For Keeping Up Your Fitness Routine On Vacation

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5 Tips For Keeping Up Your Fitness Routine On Vacation

Summer is a great time to spend time with family and enjoy some well-earned vacation time. Don’t let your fitness goals fall by the wayside while you travel, think of time away as a way to revamp your routine!

1) New Activities

*Use travel as an opportunity to try new activities. Never tried paddleboarding? Rent a board and give it a try while you are at the lake up north; you’re sure to find new muscles you never knew you had. Many resorts even offer beachside yoga or pool-based aerobics classes as part of your stay.

2) Comfort Zone

*Try something outside of your comfort zone. Do you always run on the treadmill? Why not try running on a beachside path or through a quant small town. Instead of riding around on a tour bus, find a bike or hiking tour of the local area. You may not see as many sights but you will enjoy the fresh air and be able to experience attractions as locals do.

3) Compete

*Compete in a destination race. Sure you’ve done a 5k or half marathon in your hometown, but what about traveling to a new location to race? There are numerous local and nationally advertised races in places you might want to visit. Start looking early in the season so you have time to train so you don’t spend your whole vacation sore from the race.

4) Rewards

*Reward yourself with nutritious (or not) and delicious recovery food. After you burn off all that energy trying out new fitness activity, check out some new eateries to replenish and refuel for the next day’s adventure. There is nothing wrong with splurging, but try eating some lighter meals in addition to your big splurges to avoid coming home with a tight waistband.

5) Active Recovery

*Don’t be afraid to try some active recovery. Vacation is vacation after all, and you shouldn’t feel like you are locked into your training plan. Keep in mind that walking and sightseeing hikes are an excellent form of active recovery and keep your body and mind fresh.

No matter what your summer adventure, stay safe, try something new, and enjoy all the adventures that travel can bring!

– Sandy
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