5 Tips for Dining Out & Staying Gluten-Free

5 Tips for Dining Out & Staying Gluten-Free

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People avoid gluten for a variety of reasons. Typically, they include being diagnosed with a disease like inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s or celiac disease or an allergy to gluten or wheat. They may have a medical condition like autoimmune issues or food sensitivities. Or people feel avoiding gluten helps with weight loss and wellness.

When you eat gluten-free, dining out can be a struggle, but it’s possible to still have a great experience at any restaurant. How? Here are some tips!

Take a look at the menu online. The menu often outlines which dishes can be prepared without gluten. There are even some gluten-free restaurants starting to pop up across the nation! This is probably a restaurant trend that won’t be going away any time soon, if ever.

Call to make a reservation. Instead of going online and booking a reservation, call in. Let the person you’re speaking with know that you’re gluten-free and they can help accommodate you the best way they can. Know what your requirements are and make sure they know how they can help.

Speak with a manager or chef. When you sit down, politely ask to speak with someone in charge. Let them know that you require gluten-free dishes and ask if they can help guide the staff in the way they prepare your food.

Don’t assume. Even though the menu might be labeled as gluten-free, be specific with your waiters. Some might label their pizza crusts as so, but if they cook everything in the same environment it can contaminate the food.

Know hidden sources of gluten. Gluten-free diners know to avoid pasta and bread, but they might not know about the hidden sources of gluten. Fried foods and even non-wheat items like french fries can be made in oil that is also used to fry bread or other fried tems such as mozzarella sticks. Condiments can even contain gluten. Always be sure to ask about ingredients and know what is in your food!


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5 Tips for Dining Out & Staying Gluten-Free

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