4 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Balance

4 Simple Exercises To Improve Your Balance

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4 Tips To Improve Your Balance

I just posted a blog about what a PTA does at a physical therapy clinic, but today I wanted to offer some helpful tips when dealing with ‘balance’. Most of us think of poor balance as an issue only experienced by the elderly population and never consider our own balance until we “trip”, “slip” or “twist/step funny”, usually resulting in an injury.

Good balance plays a key roll in injury prevention with athletes, week-end warriors, the casual exerciser, or anyone who gets out of bed and moves. Balance is something shared and lost by all ages.

The following are just a few simple and fun ways you can improve your balance.  Try to hold these exercises for 30 seconds.*


1) Alter your foundation 

Standing on both legs

–  Narrow your base of support by placing your feet closer together.

Piece of cake?  Try this…..

–  Stand on a couch cushion, pillow,  trampoline, BOSU ball, etc.

Still too Easy?

Try it………


2) Flamingo Style

Try standing on one leg

–  Start with your toe touching the floor first

Once you can do this for 30 seconds

– Begin to lift your foot completely off the ground.  Try your foot in front, behind, higher,   lower…..

What’s next?


3) Change your Focus

Focusing on one singly point makes it easier to balance.  Challenge yourself by

– Closing your eyes

– Slowly turning your head from side to side


Want more


4) Multi Task  

Stand on one leg and…

– Brush your teeth

– Play catch with your kids

– Perform bicep curls

– Be creative


* If you are just beginning to work on your balance start simple and have stable support like a counter or a table to hold on to.

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Jodi Wolowicz

Jodi Wolowicz

I am a staff Physical Therapist Assistant at OSI Physical Therapy – High Pointe Clinic. I have over 20 years of experience as a PTA and have worked most of those with OSI Physical Therapy. I graduated in 1993 from St. Catherine University. I have been blessed with amazing patients and co-workers who teach me and help me to grow daily. I can honestly say that I still love what I do and where I work!! I have a son and a step son. My husband and I enjoy Friday night date nights at the gym, walking our Lab, fishing and hiking. I also enjoy Yoga, the occasional 5k run, reading and cooking.

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