How Does RICE Speed Up Injury Recovery? (4 Tips To Get Back In The Game)

How Does RICE Speed Up Injury Recovery? (4 Tips To Get Back In The Game)

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4 Basic, But Effective Injury Recovery Tips

Hi, my name is Hayley Seide. I’m an Athletic Trainer (AT) at OSI Physical Therapy. I’m often asked for tips for injury recovery, because I spend so much time with athletes who get injured and want to get back in the game. So I thought I’d share a simple word to help you remember these tips. The initial management of a musculoskeletal injury is extremely important to decrease the length of time required for rehabilitation. There is a basic principle we follow:



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Avoid any activity that aggravates the injury. “If it hurts, don’t do it”.


Injury Recovery Physical Therapy Icing an injury


Ice helps prevent inflammation. This is most important within the first 48-72 hours after injury. During this time, you do not want to heat due to the stage of the healing process the injury is in. As soon as an injury happens, it begins the healing process. Icing should be done every 1-1 ½ hours and for twenty minutes per time.


Knee injury


Any bandage that provides compression and support ( like an ACE bandage) should be on the injured body part at all times during the first 72 hours post injury. When wrapping an injury you want to start at the bottom (distally) and wrap up (proximally). So for example, if you injure your ankle, you would start the ACE wrap at just above your toes and wrap up towards your shin, leaving no gaps. This way you push the inflammation up and out rather than allowing it to pool in the toes.


Injury Recovery Physical Therapy Elevating an injury


Keeping the injured body part elevated will also help prevent inflammation. This is done by eliminating the effects of gravity on blood pooling in the injured body part. The higher one can elevate, the better.


After all of these are done and your injury has calmed down, then you are ready for range of motion and strengthening exercises. That’s where OSI comes in and gets you back in the game. If you’ve got an injury and would like to get some help treating it and getting back on your feet and active again you can contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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