OSI Physical Therapy Receives WebPT 2017 Practice of the Year Award

OSI Physical Therapy Receives WebPT 2017 Practice of the Year Award

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On October 1st, 2017, OSI Physical Therapy was awarded Practice of The Year in Washington D.C. by WebPT. A proud moment for our OSI family! As an independently owned and operated physical therapy practice for 37 years, OSI is proud to be recognized for being innovative, customer focused, outcomes driven, cost effective, employee engaged, and having grit in a rapidly changing health care market.

Today, the new health care norm continues to trend towards consolidation, rising health care costs and premiums, less consumer choice, and a growing competitive market amongst payers and health care organizations. Over the years we’ve seen the health care pendulum of change swing, yet OSI continues to show true grit by sticking with what we do best, taking care of our employees and providing the care, and caring, our customers want and need. It always has been, and will continue to be, our number one job!

OSI continues to be emboldened to do what is right for our employees and for our clients. As the “little guy in a big world”, it is our loyal customers and employees that help create a phenomenon not seen or experienced anywhere else. We don’t need fancy buildings or equipment to do our job well, we were awarded Practice of The Year because of our expertise and attention to the things that matter most to our clients and employees-provide high quality care in a caring way.

We know we can’t just say we are good, we have to prove it, and we do. We rank within the top 10% in the country for value-based outcomes. Our customer loyalty ranking is also within the top 10% nationally. We also track various data points on cost of care across the country and within our region, and OSI continues to provide high quality care at an affordable cost.

It was a proud moment to accept the Practice of The Year award on behalf of OSI. I am proud of our team for the dedication and commitment we have at being the best in the industry. Thank you to all OSI employees and to our loyal fans for making OSI such a great organization.


Jody Ruppert

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