3 Tips For Pitchers To Avoid Arm Pain

3 Tips For Pitchers To Avoid Arm Pain

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3 Tips For Pitchers To Avoid Arm Pain

With baseball in full swing I wanted to give a couple quick suggestions on keeping pitchers arms healthy.


1. DON’T pitch through fatigue or pain!  Research has shown that fatigue is the number one factor that has been identified for increasing risk for shoulder/elbow injuries in pitchers. An easy way to do this is follow suggested pitch count totals and rest times for your age. I attached a website for these suggestions below.



2. Play all catch with a purpose. I thoroughly enjoy training young baseball players as simple changes in mechanics not only increase their speed (which every pitcher wants), but also helps relieve the stresses on their arms. Two suggestions that you should be doing whether pitching or just playing catch: 1) pick a target and work on hitting that spot with every throw; 2) follow through with every throw with your lower half.  For right handers, this means your right leg should be swinging through and landing at least equal to the distance of your left leading leg (for left handed throwers opposite legs).


3. Train your Warm-Up before you throw. A dynamic warm-up of 5 to 10 minutes is important for increasing the blood flow to those small muscles so important in throwing. Try to initiate a sweat before you pick up a ball. Being Minnesota/Wisconsin aren’t the warmest states, I would suggest wearing warm clothing in order to get and keep muscles warm.


Good luck with the rest of the season!


– Brett


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