10 Things You Really Should Try In 2015

10 Things You Really Should Try In 2015

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10 Things You Really Should Try In 2015

As the holiday chaos comes to a close, it is common for most to explore and set new goals for the New Year. Some resolutions focus on exercise and weight loss while others strive for breaking old habits.  I believe, however, that goals and resolutions shouldn’t be limited to a specific day or month. Moreover, rather than narrowing one’s focal point to one idea, why not create a lifestyle transformation to become the best version of yourself.

I’d like to encourage you to create positive change in your life this year. I challenge you to give a few of these a try! 

1. Learn something new. 

As we learn, we grow. When we challenge ourselves to go beyond what we know or are already good at, we might be surprised with a new hobby or love of an activity. 


2. Drink more water. 

I know people stress this often, but honestly, try it. Drinking more water  lubricates your joints, encourages kidney, muscle and brain function, helps flush toxins out of your body AND keeps hunger at bay. 


3. Let the little things go. 

“Let it go…let it go..” Just kidding, I am sure you are all sick of hearing that song. Instead of making a big deal out of little annoyances, try taking a deep breath and forgetting about it. Easier said that done, I know, but making peace with an issue might be easier than creating a fight. 


4. Make time for yourself. 

EVERYONE is busy. Life is about priorities and finding time for things that truly matter. A 10 minute dose of “me” time just might do the trick. 


5. Exercise. 

Make it simple, make it fun. Find something you enjoy or challenge your body with a fun, new class and you will reap countless benefits. 


6. Compliment others. 

Magnify strengths, not weaknesses – you just might make someones day. 


7. Connect with others. 

A favorite part of my job is the connections I make with clients or patients. Connecting with others on something as simple as a favorite destination or weekend plans creates positive vibes. 


8. Forgive. 

Get that weight off your chest already. There is no sense in holding that negative energy in and shutting the world out. Let your mind be at peace. 


9. Love what you do & who you are. 

I encourage you to make small changes to things that no longer make you happy. Advocate for yourself. 



This one is easy – friends, family and other loved ones. You might just miss your chance. 


Thanks for reading!

– Libby

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