Jenni Busta, PTA, BS

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  • BS in Biology, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse
  • Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant, St. Catherine University-Minneapolis


How I spend my free time

Sand volleyball, and running. I enjoy reading, traveling and spending time with friends and family.

What others are saying

Jennie is upbeat and energetic, and has a gift for making her patients feel comfortable. She has wonderful rapport with the therapists and coworkers and is great at anticipating what they need. She is always one step ahead of us!

What patients are saying

“I used to go to the gym on average, 25 out of 30 days. I was very fit and in shape. Unfortunately I ended up with very advanced cancer. I underwent three cancer surgeries, radiation and chemo. I am now in remission, but the drugs took a toll on me and I gained over 100 lbs. I am pre-diabetic and I developed a disease giving me horrible hip pain and putting me in a wheel chair for two years. After going through all this, there is Jenni. She is PERFECT at what she does. She is kind, clear – very clear, is an excellent coach and goes above and beyond in her care. I’m a Vice President at a large company and have had thousands of people work for me. Jenni has an excellent work ethic, she listens and she knows just what to do for me. After our first session, which was only three techniques – very small baby steps, I could feel a TREMENDOUS difference. Jenni is exactly what you think a PT should be and then some. She is very professional and can read me and determine next steps – when I can stretch, when to be cautioned not to over do. Jenni is SO GOOD at explaining exactly what I need to do, how to hold my body, how to do the technique. When I couldn’t go to the pool one day, she was able to do “land” therapy on the turn of a dime. She gave me wonderful coaching on what I could do at home. Again, fantastic, I went out of my wheel chair, off my walker, off my crutches and my cane. I felt better EVERY TIME after I met with her and made significant improvements.

I’m looking forward to meeting with Jenni again after I recover from my next surgery. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You to Jennie for helping me.”

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