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Meet The Team: Stacey Woodward, DPT

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We’ve got a new staff member here at our White Bear clinic and I wanted to take a minute to introduce you all to Stacey Woodward. She’s been a fantastic addition to our team. Take a look… Areas of Special Interest: -treating athletic injuries -manual therapy treatment techniques Education: -B.S. in Exercise Science from St Louis University […]

Meet The Team: Joe Wavra, PT and Clinic Manager

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A little bit about me: Speaking engagements at St. Catherine University’s PT program relating to sports medicine rehab, local golf clubs and courses discussing specific exercise and injury prevention and personal training companies speaking about injury prevention and differential diagnosis. How I spend my free time: Basketball, golf and downhill skiing. I also enjoy housework, […]

Golf Exercise Tip Of The Week

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Golf Exercise Tip Of The Week This past month I seem to be working on lot on improving shoulder turn with many of my golfers.  I thought I would write a short post on some helpful exercises that all of you can do on your own to help create a bigger turn. Exercise #1: “Open […]

Our Golf Specific Rehabilitation Programs At OSI

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Our Golf Specific Rehabilitation Programs At OSI OSI Physical Therapy offers golf specific rehabilitation programs to help golfers return to the course after injury or prevent injuries from happening in the first place.  Our golf experts perform a comprehensive physical evaluation as well as video analysis. This allows us to determine what physical limitations are […]

Advanced Golf Swing Tips: Video Analysis

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Advanced Golf Swing Tips: Video Analysis Here is a still frame of one of my golfers at address position and at impact position. Explained below is the swing flaw noticed on the video which is a very common problem for many golfers. EARLY EXTENSION – hips have moved forward at impact position when compared with […]

Golf Video Analysis And Physical Therapy At OSI

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Golf Video Analysis Here is one of my patient’s at our White Bear Lake clinic having his golf swing assessed with video analysis and developing an off season workout program to help him address limitations in flexibility, strength and balance. Video analysis and golf specific exercises are performed and directed by a certified Titleist Performance […]